super slots

Grab your cape and join Pocket Win Casino in an epic battle between good and evil in Super City Slots.

You won’t be able to mask your excitement about our super mobile slots game and its incredible progressive Jackpot!

If you’re holding out for a hero, the wait is over!

Welcome to the city where everyone has a secret identity and every day is an adventure.

Will the Steel Spectre and his crew of villains take over the world? Super City Slots by Pocket Win features 9 THWACKtion-packed win lines and a super-powered mini-game, giving you the chance to punch up your winnings!

Can our pink-clad pocket-rocket, Scorpiosa, rally the heroes and save the day? Will the baddies BAMboozle you with their wicked ways?

Or do you have the power to save the world and win big? Before you don your disguise and start fighting crime, there are a few things you need to do first.

Use the ‘ ’ and ‘-’ buttons below the reels to set how many lines you want to play on, and how much you’d like to bet per line.

You can choose any amount from 2p up to £20 per line, whatever works for you and your alter-ego.

The ‘total bet’ box has a pretty cool super POWer of its own, and that’s working out what your cost per spin will be - so you don’t have to!

Your total bet will be your bet per line, multiplied by the number of lines you’ve chosen to play on.

So a £1 bet on all 9 win lines will cost you £9 per spin. Hit ‘Spin’ to ZOOM through the streets of Super City and see who you meet!