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While pro boxing has fallen on hard times in Nova Scotia in recent years, Brad Ross believes there’s a resurgence in the amateur side of the sport.

The Boxing Nova Scotia president runs Halifax’s Rival Boxing Gym which is co-hosting a 10-fight amateur card this Saturday at Casino Nova Scotia’s Schooner Room.

It’s the first amateur boxing event at the casino in more than a decade.

“Our focus is on the amateur fighters,” Ross said in an interview on Wednesday.

“Within the amateur ranks in the province, we have several good, up-and-coming fighters.

It has been several years since a boxing event has been hosted there so we felt the casino would be the ideal site. We’re not looking to get into the professional ranks with the casino.” The card, which begins at 8 p.m.

On Saturday, will feature 10 amateur tilts with three, three-minute rounds in each. “We have a lot of up-and-coming boxers on the card and they’re all local,” Ross said.

The main event has provincial middleweight champion Tamimi Jorche of the Twin Cities Boxing Club in Dartmouth up against Nick Callahan of St. “To have a crop of good, up-and-coming fighters as well as them being talented and from the local area, I think that’s going to be a big factor in getting fans interested in the sport.

“Some of the successes of amateur boxers from Nova Scotia, like (Kennetcook’s) Wyatt Sanford who has made the Canadian national team in his first year as an elite fighter, should help revive the sport.” Ross operated the Sydney Boxing Club for 15 years before moving to Halifax to open the Rival club with former Olympian Scott Mac Intosh in October.

He said amateur cards at the casino in Sydney and Centre 200 were a success, something that could translate to Halifax.

“We had multiple successful events in Sydney, working with Casino Nova Scotia,” Ross said.

“We had over 20 events working with them at the casino and Centre 200.