igrosoft 12 in 1

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Imagine opening up a book containing Russian fairy tales from the early 20th century – envision the mild pastel colors, the stenciled lines, and the humble imagery.

Keks is designed to be perfectly evocative of that peculiar style, which is fitting given that the company that made this game, Igrosoft, is Russian.

Just at a glance, the game sports a gorgeous visual style that would befit even the finest collection of fairy tales.

The game’s humble but charming appearance is certainly endearing, but does the gameplay hold a candle to Keks striking visual appearance?

The game isn’t designed to have any sort of ostentatious design – the subtle use of colours and imagery are instead meant to reflect the humble origins of the folklore from which it draws its inspiration.

The game’s icons reflect a number of images relevant in many Russian folk tales – a black cat, an accordion, a rolling pin, as well as what appears to be some sort of Kirby knockoff.

The game looks to take place inside of a kitchen, complete with a doting grandmother, and basket full of dough.